Eimantas has been the CEO and a Board Member of Klaipeda FEZ since 2001.

He is a pioneer in developing successful free economic zone practices in the Baltics – Klaipeda FEZ was the first operating special free economic zone in Lithuania and the first in the Baltic states to be recognised by the Financial Times (as early as 2010). Eimantas was actively involved in all stages of Klaipeda FEZ’s development and the establishment of its strategic line, which stands out for the added value it offers investors. He also initiated the establishment of the Free Economic Zones Association in Lithuania and led the organisation until 2017.

Mr Kiudulas is an active partner for public institutions in developing an attractive business environment for investors in Lithuania and fostering regional change. He was a key player in preparing investment offers to bring worldwide market leaders to Klaipeda FEZ, including the top PET producer in the world – Indorama, the top global manufacturer of wiring harnesses – Yazaki, and many others. A forward-thinking and pragmatic approach, international experience and leadership have made him a Board Member at several leading companies in Lithuania.

raimondas bakas, deputy director

Raimondas has held the role of General Deputy at Klaipeda FEZ since 2006; however, he has been managing FEZ’s territory planning since 1997. Nowadays, he is responsible for the FEZ infrastructure and territory development.

Mr Bakas is a professional with 30 years of experience in urban and territory planning, having managed almost 20 infrastructure projects (roads, railways, electrical connections, water supply networks, transformers, etc.) and even more commercial, manufacturing and residential real estate projects. Furthermore, Raimondas Bakas has an international degree in architecture and urban development and is a great support for FEZ clients in managing their property development. Recently, he coordinated the construction of Aniplast and Advantec facilities, BMG logistics and production facilities, Ad Rem warehousing facilities, the Fortum cogeneration plant and others.

Raimondas plays an important role in Klaipeda’s urban development – he is a member of the Klaipeda’s strategic development planning 2013-2020 group (Urban planning, environmental protection and infrastructure development committee) and the architecture and urbanistic experts group under the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (2006-2011).

VAIDAS VELYKIS, Business Development Manager

Vaidas has been Business Development Manager at Klaipeda FEZ since 2012.

He is the right-hand man to FEZ investors and assists them in everything from the location consideration stage through to daily operations after establishment. Vaidas serves as a source of information, assists in bringing together potential investors and local suppliers, accompanies them during visits to government institutions and acts as an intermediary when necessary. He also helps them obtain EU and national support for various projects.

Vaidas has in-depth knowledge about automotive and mechanical engineering and equipment, and PET industries. Moreover, he is always up to date on the legal and tax environment and is, therefore, capable of conducting quality business analyses and giving advice on investors’ entry strategies.