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AD REM LEZ has just began work on a 3.9 million Euro expansion project in Klaipeda FEZ

29 Mar 2018

AD REM LEZ, which belongs to AD REM Group, one of the largest logistics, transport and warehousing group of companies in Lithuania, has just began work on a 3.9 million Euro expansion project in Klaipeda FEZ. Following this expansion, expected to be completed by December 2018, the capacity of the company’s warehouse and logistics complex will be extended to 30,000 sq.m.

This is the third stage of expansion for the company, who have already invested 19 million Euro into their Klaipeda FEZ operation. Since establishing their business in 2007, they have continued to grow, and last year AD REM LEZ sales grew by 15%, accounting for 4 million EUR.  And this year, they are expecting similar growth. The company’s workforce has also grown as the business has developed, with employee numbers enjoying a 20% increase in 2017.  According to AD REM LEZ CEO, Tomas Rauckis, the company’s increasing attractiveness to Scandinavian clients has been key to its success.

But it is not only the company’s successful business results that have driven its further investment and expansion. The well-developed infrastructure that is provided by Klaipeda Fez has been equally important.  As Mr. Rauckis explains, “With its ready-to-use infrastructure and great location, we see many opportunities for developing our business in Klaipeda FEZ. That is why we are already in our third expansion at Klaipeda FEZ.”

Klaipeda is located at the nexus of a logistics hub, delivering access to both Western and Eastern markets. With its ice-free port and road and rail links, the city is ideally placed for companies seeking to access Scandinavia, the EU and the CIS, and even China. Klaipeda FEZ meanwhile offers companies a ready to use infrastructure and as a FEZ, can offer businesses an attractive raft of financial incentives. These values combined have made it ideal for such companies as AD REM LEZ who are committed to targeted growth.

Klaipeda FEZ is the first and most successful free economic zone in the Baltics. Its community currently comprises 28 local and foreign investors with a total yearly revenue of 887 million Euros, and total exports accounting for 635 million Euros.

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