Engineering industry & metal structures

We produce customised food processing equipment. There is no doubt we are now at the best location for accessing the Scandinavian market. And cooperation is certainly smoother when our partners and clients are located across the street. This saves us time and money, not to mention the comfort of doing business.

Vygandas Srėbalius

We had a constant flow of orders coming from Scandinavia; that’s why we decided to invest into our own plant at Klaipeda FEZ. Location, location, location. Plus, the business conditions and qualified staff that makes it tick.

Roar Aarhaug
Chairman of the Board of

Klaipeda FEZ offers the perfect combination of location, infrastructure, services, and know how. We applaud the Klaipeda FEZ team for their help and assistance setting up the necessary permits and paperwork and other services.

Jacob Huibert Dane
CEO at Focus Fabrication Group


Key industry highlights within Klaipeda FEZ:

  • Operations & products: product design & engineering, 3D modelling, technical documentation and certification of large scale metal Oil & Gas structures and civil engineering structures, such as bridges, indoor football hangars etc. Welding, plate and pipe bending, metal rolling, production of lage metal structures such as RF125 and 150 reelers, transportation reels, saddle, SCU 30ft containers, 2 Large Airborne Oil & Gas Carrousels, V-Doors and hatches. Manufacturing and maintenance of metal technology and machinery for food industry: transporting, sorting, packing, quality control and etc.
  • Major export markets: Scandinavia, UK, USA, South America
  • Annual turnover of FEZ based industry companies, 2022: 14M Eur
  • Export value, 2022: 7M Eur