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Lithuanian diplomats invited to showcase Klaipėda’s potential to the world

04 Jun 2024

Lithuanian diplomats and special attachés responsible for economic functions in foreign diplomatic and consular offices are being introduced to the economic potential of the city and region of Klaipėda, the port’s territorial development project, and investment opportunities. During the two-day visit, nearly one hundred diplomats, consuls, and special attachés from 43 countries will explore the business and industrial prospects of Klaipėda.

“Klaipėda has immense potential with strong internationally operating companies and new business projects in the pipeline. The local government is actively involved in ensuring favorable conditions for these processes. We are delighted that this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is focusing on Klaipėda and organizing this diplomatic visit here. This visit provides us with the opportunity to showcase a city that opens social and economic pathways for businesses. I believe this visit will help spread the word about Klaipėda in foreign countries, establish new contacts, and open new opportunities for all participants,” says Klaipėda mayor Arvydas Vaitkus.

At the event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Klaipėda, significant attention is given to discussing the port, its capabilities, ongoing activities, and services. The CEO of the Port Authority, Algis Latakas, presents to the diplomats the development directions of Klaipėda sea port, ongoing and planned investment projects, with a primary focus on the southern part development project. The environmental, social responsibility, and digitization projects being implemented at the port are also highlighted. The possibilities and directions of cooperation between the Port of Klaipėda and foreign countries, as well as untapped niches for mutually beneficial business relations with various countries worldwide, are discussed.

“In 2023, Klaipėda’s port had maritime trade connections with 60 countries globally. We aim to spread the word about the port, its competitiveness, and the quality of services offered as widely as possible. Introducing special attachés and diplomats performing economic functions in foreign diplomatic and consular offices to Lithuania’s only commercial seaport can significantly contribute to spreading the word about it worldwide. Our goal is to further diversify cargo both geographically and in terms of clients and types of cargo transported, and to attract potential investors for the planned southern part development project,” states A. Latakas.

For the visiting diplomats in Klaipėda, meetings with members of the Klaipėda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts are organized, along with a port overview and a planned visit to Western Shipyard and a presentation of the opportunities and companies operating in the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ).

“Economic diplomacy plays a crucial role in attracting investors, and it is currently important to seize new opportunities in the defense, renewable energy, and supply chain change sectors,” says Eimantas Kiudulas, head of Klaipėda FEZ.

“In recent years, the Western world has found itself in a new reality where Lithuania, and specifically Klaipėda, has the potential to intensify the development of defense industry technologies, as well as wind, solar or green hydrogen components. Fundamentally changing supply chains also create good opportunities to produce and test products in Lithuania with European or even Taiwanese components, and help Western companies bring manufacturing closer to ‘home’ markets. It is important that both strategic and prospective investors in Lithuanian markets hear this firsthand, so this initiative is not only commendable but should also be repeated regularly,” says E. Kiudulas.

The goal of the visit is to familiarize diplomats with the Klaipėda’s development strategy, business projects, the port and the free zone, as well as to ensure the spread of information about Klaipėda’s advantages in foreign markets.

“This year, we begin the gathering of economic diplomats and special attachés in Klaipėda – a city particularly important to the Lithuanian economy. The port ensures Lithuania’s trade with global markets, and the free economic zone attracts foreign investments, creating jobs and fostering the growth of the local business environment. Klaipėda is a strategically important energy hub ensuring Lithuania’s energy security. It is also a logistics center connecting land, sea, and rail transport networks. The attractive tourism sector further enhances the city’s uniqueness. All these aspects are very important for diplomats and special attachés working in the economic field,” states Donatas Tamulaitis, Director of the Department of External Economic Relations and Economic Security Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

Annual familiarization visits to Lithuanian cities and regions are organized for Lithuanian diplomats performing economic functions in foreign diplomatic and consular offices. Last year, such an event took place in Kaunas. The last visit of diplomats to Klaipėda was in 2016.

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