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New Ani-plast factory in Klaipėda to employ people with hearing disabilities

11 Apr 2014

ANI-Plast will build a factory in Klaipėda with a total area of 6560 sq. m., the value of which, including technological equipment, will reach 25 million litas. European Union assistance to the construction of this factory will comprise 2.5 million litas. The company is planning to create approximately 60 new working places.

Artūras Stonkus, head of LEZ Projektų Valdymas the company realising the factory construction project, said that the approach of ANI-Plast’s shareholders towards the project is that the factory must promote a healthy lifestyle (the factory will implement a no-smoking policy) and employ as many people with disabilities as is possible. They emphasise that these businessmen have employed a number of people with disabilities in their factories in Russia. Moreover, Mr Stonkus stated that the factory will be highly modern and will be equipped with the machinery of well-known German companies.

The new ANI-Plast factory will manufacture plumbing parts – plastic water gathering traps, wash basin siphons, bidets, corrugated pipes for toilet bowls, wash basins, urinals and washing machines. The total capacity of the factory will be nearly 4.2 million plumbing units per year. Products manufactured at the factory will be exported to different countries throughout the European Union.

According to Mr Stonkus, at the moment a breakthrough in construction can be observed at the Klaipėda FEZ. This year, in addition to the plumbing factory, which will become the 18th factory built at the Klaipėda FEZ, construction of another two factories is expected to commence.

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