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Norwegian oil and gas specialists Advantec to expand operations in Lithuania

28 Apr 2014

Norwegian company Advantec, which produces equipment for oil and gas drilling, is expanding its operations in Lithuania, announcing the recruitment of new staff in Klaipėda this week.

Advantec specialises in the production of components for oil and gas wells, and supplies electronic and hydraulic control systems to the international oil and gas market. The company also designs rigs and wells, produces equipment for offshore rigs, including safety and control systems, and provides consultancy to oil and gas companies.

“Since the foundation of Advantec in Norway in 2005, the company has undergone an impressive expansion from 20 to 350 employees. The company’s division in Lithuania is also growing. We started with 25 employees and  are now looking for highly qualified engineers and technicians who can work in both our Lithuania facilities and on sites where our equipment is being installed“, Simona Chaidarova, deputy director of the Lithuanian division of  Advantec, said. “They will be in charge of product design, technical solutions, and product quality and site installation control”.

Advantec’s production methods are highly technical and specialised. Therefore, it trains each newly recruited employee itself, with training beginning in Lithuania and finishing with solving complex problems in the central office in Norway.

“The rapid development of Advantec proves there is growing interest in Lithuania’s oil and gas technology sector. This sector requires an extremely high level of competence. Its expansion in Lithuania demonstrates that the country’s skilled technicians can provide the highest quality at competitive wage levels. Furthermore, the company has an advanced training system that allows employees to improve their qualifications and become integrated into the international market,” Arvydas Arnašius, acting director general of Invest Lithuania, said.

Advantec divisions currently operate in Norway, USA, Scotland and Lithuania. In 2012, the company established a sales office in Brazil, where a manufacturing unit is planned in the future.

About Advantec Group

The offices and service bases of Advantec, a company established in Norway in 2005, are located across the Norwegian coast. The company also has production facilities in the USA, Scotland and Lithuania, producing equipment for oil platforms located in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coasts of Europe, Africa and countries in the Far East. Currently Advantec employs around 350 staff in its offices worldwide.

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