Land Lease

Sites are available to lease for 99 years with all tax incentives, and come in two different development packages.

  • Site sizes: 0.5 – 35 ha
  • Infrastructure on site: gas, water, electricity, high-speed internet
  • Time to launch: 6-12 months


a) with pre-arranged building projects and permits;

This package includes an architectural design project with all the necessary engineering paperwork, building permits and geological reports.

The architectural design project offers 12,250 sqm of total area, 9,300 sqm of which is dedicated to production or logistics operations, 2,170 sqm to office space, plus 720 sqm to commercial facilities. It has all the necessary building permits and can be developed in 7 months.

These are ready-to-build solutions that would save you 6-8 months in set up time, allowing you to launch your operations within 7 months.

b) without pre-arranged building permits.

Launching your operations with this option takes 9-12 months. This will include your own building design. Klaipeda FEZ’s streamlined processes will ensure you save time on your project set up.

Choose the site you like best, then let’s talk to build a specific case for you.