Premises for rent

We always have at least 2000 sqm of rentable space available to start on site within 3 days. The options below are based on the time you have and the technical parameters you need.

Immediate start:

Fitted out office, warehouse and production premises of 15 to 4000 sqm with room height 5,5 – 8,5m can be provided in Klaipeda Business Park by BNTP and other FEZ members. Spaces are available for immediate start with short or long term contract opportunities.


Launch within 3 months:

Premises adapted to the needs of each individual client with minimum space for rent of 1000 sqm production space or 180 sqm administrative premises- see Flex Start Project


Up to 7 months: pre-designed building

A pre-designed option for rent offering a total of 12,250 sqm available to businesses for rent. This facility will include 9,300 sqm of space dedicated to production/logistics operations, 2,170 sqm of office space, plus 720 sqm of commercial facilities. It has all the necessary building permits and can be developed in 7 months. Here are some details of what the pre-designed building facility would include:

  • Minimum space for rent: 5,000 sqm for production, warehousing or logistics
  • Infrastructure within building and on site: gas, water, electricity, high-speed internet
  • Time to launch: up to 7 months
  • Building feature: fitted to tenants’ needs