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The mix of an excellent business location, infrastructure and talent, have allowed Glassbell Baltic to reach the top of its industry

08 Jun 2018

Glassbell Baltic – one of Europe’s largest architectonic glass processing companies – has been focusing on providing the best solutions and products for prestige architectural projects since 2009.

Glassbel implemented a number of prestige projects in the UK in 2017, including the production of ultra-rigorous laminated facade glass for London Bridge station.

Glassbel Baltic can also boast such projects as the interior of Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in London, the Sochi Olympic Arena, the Toy Museum in Denmark, Microsoft’s headquarters in Ireland and the Opera House in Dubai – plus the 11,000 sqm facade of a skyscraper in New York.

One of the factors that has no doubt contributed to this success is the company’s decision to locate themselves in Klaipeda FEZ. The well-developed infrastructure, access to an unsaturated talent pool, and key logistical position that Klaipeda FEZ offers have allowed the company to export the highest level of production across the globe. The company has already implemented 10,000 projects in 29 countries.

As Vladas Virbalas, Director and Board member of Glassbel Baltic, recently explained to the Lithuanian business daily “Verslo žinios”, competition in the market is fierce. The company regularly has to compete with five to seven major manufacturers from Germany, Austria, Poland and Spain to win major tenders. This makes their numerous successes all the more impressive.

The company’s turnover last year amounted to €22.7 million – almost 13% more than the previous year. About €9 million of this came from projects in the UK. The company’s revenues grew by more than 40% from 2012 to 2016.


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