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Klaipeda FEZ gets in fast to claim Brexit Bonus All News

Lithuania’s Klaipeda free economic zone is keen to attract UK firms considering relocation into the eurozone, and has some timely […]

23 Apr 2018

German manufacturer to launch €1.5 million production operations in Klaipeda All News

The German manufacturing company Baltijos Eukutecas is to become the first tenant of Klaipeda FEZ’s newly developed FlexStart facility. The […]

17 Apr 2018

Flexstart investment of 3.3 million EUR approved by Klaipeda free economic zone board All News

The Klaipeda FEZ board has just approved investment for the exciting new 3.3 million FlexStart project. FlexStart will be a […]

12 Apr 2018

Yazaki in Klaipeda continues to expand: 200 more specialists are required All News

Yazaki, the global manufacturer of wire harnesses, is looking for a further 200 specialists for its Klaipėda free economic zone […]

05 Apr 2018

AD REM LEZ has just began work on a 3.9 million Euro expansion project in Klaipeda FEZ All News

AD REM LEZ, which belongs to AD REM Group, one of the largest logistics, transport and warehousing group of companies […]

29 Mar 2018

Klaipeda FEZ chairman Povilas Vasiliauskas wins major Lithuanian business award All News

Povilas Vasiliauskas, The Chairman of the Board of JSC, Klaipeda Free Economic Zone’s Management Company (Klaipeda FEZ) and Aušra Žemaitienė, […]

26 Mar 2018

Dakar rally drivers come to Klaipeda FEZ to share their momentous South American experience All News

Yesterday Dakar Rally 2018 drivers Saulius Jurgelėnas and Vaidotas Žala visited Klaipėda’s FEZ and shared their experience of completing the […]

14 Mar 2018

Klaipeda FEZ set to benefit from bold new vision for Lithuania’s transport infrastructure All News

Key players in the transport sector have laid out their bold new vision for Lithuania’s transport infrastructure, including major changes […]

09 Mar 2018

Lithuania takes 2nd place in manufacturing risk index 2018 report All News

“Lithuania ranks as the second most attractive location for manufacturers in the recently updated Manufacturing Risk Index 2018 report published […]

07 Mar 2018

Let’s shift into a higher gear together with the Dakar 2018 team supported by Klaipeda FEZ! All News

Klaipeda FEZ invites you to shift into a higher gear! We’ll be joined by Vaidotas Žala and Saulius Jurgelėnas from […]

06 Mar 2018