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The main reason why we chose the Klaipeda FEZ were the favorable conditions for an immediate start – we acquired a land plot with building permits and launched in 6 months after signing the contract

Vygandas Srėbalius

Our electric wiring system providers have just moved in to Klaipeda FEZ. This is great news to us. Now we can brainstorm and develop new systems over the morning coffee.

Alvydas Naujekas

We are located at the hottest Plastics PET location in the region. Our largest competitors Neo Group is just next door. We had times when we shared raw materials to help each other. Industry neighborhood does wonders to your business growth.

Jitendra Kumar Malik

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Facts & Figures

Lithuania is ranked #1 the most attractive location for manufacturers in Europe and #2 in the world by Manufacturing Risk Index 2018. And Klaipeda is the hub for manufacturing in Lithuania. See our figures to get a better picture. And if you need more of any specific data – let‘s talk.


With one of the fastest growing economy and productivity rates in the EU, the country has all the right figures to make the bottom line work for any manufacturing business.

  • GDP: 2014 3.4% / 2015 2.1% / 2016 2.4% / 2017 4.4% / 2018 3.7% / 2019 3.9% /2020 0.9% / 2021 2,2%
  • Member of European Union and NATO, part of Eurozone and Schengen area.
  • Global rankings:
  • 17th at Index of Economic Freedom
  • 34th at Corruption Perceptions Index
  • 31st at Environmental Performance Index
  • 29th at Global Competitiveness Index
  • 50.4% or 2nd highest in the EU share of youth [25-29yrs] with tertiary education
  • 84% proficiency in English
  • 4th in the EU for Bachelors graduates in science, maths, computing, engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • Average salary: 1307 Eur
  • Labour force productivity: Estonia 84,8 / Lithuania 83,4 / Poland 82,8 / Latvia 73,3
  • Taxes: 0% income tax for 10yrs and 7.5% for next 6yrs and 0% real estate tax in Free Economic Zones.

Klaipeda Region

Over 45% of people in the region are younger than 40yrs old and more than 20% of the working population have skills in manufacturing, logistics and construction. And that’s only part of the story, see below for more information on why Klaipeda works so well for manufacturing.

  • Population, 2023: 334 281
  • Klaipeda city – 3rd youngest city in Lithuania with 45% of population is less than 40yrs old
  • Working population, 2021: 168 500
  • Structure of skills & qualifications 2021: Manufacturing 21,91% / Transport & storage 14,28% / Education 11,64% / Health & social care 10,24% / Wholesale, trade and repair of motor vehicles 10,15% / Construction 8,96%
  • Universities, colleges and vacation schools in the city: 15
  • Number of students in 2022: 11 200
  • Non mother-tongue languages spoken: 52% Russian, 39% English, 10% German
  • Unemployment rate: 8,8%
  • Average wages: 1 592,7 Eur

More details on Kalipeda’s region can be found www.klaipedaid.lt or talk to us.

Klaipeda FEZ

We are the first, most successful FEZ in the Baltics tax-free zone in Lithuania. In 2017 we were recognized by The Financial Times for having the world ‘s fastest on-site operation launch for our clients. See our numbers where we are today.

  • Start of operations: 2002
  • Total area: 412 ha. Full masterplan can be found here
  • Business community: 100+ companies
  • Clients: 45+ / List of major companies can be found here
  • No. of countries represented: 19
  • Jobs created: 5000+
  • Total investments since start of operations: 778M Eur.
  • State investment: 7,8M Eur.
  • Revenue generated by Klaipeda FEZ companies in 2022: over 1,76bn Eur.
  • Export in 2022: over 780M Eur.
  • Contribution to National GDP: 2,1%
  • Contribution to National Export: 1,6%
  • Awards and achievements:
    – Main Award for Digitization and Red Tape Reduction, Honourable Mention for Industry 4.0 and Positive Impact at Economic Zone Sustainable Recovery Strategies Awards 2021.
    – Honourable Mention for EU Compliance, 5G connectivity 2021 / fDi Magazine Global Free Economic Zone of the Year Awards 2021.
    – Bespoke Award for Sustainability 2020 / fDi Magazine Global Free Economic Zone of the Year Awards 2020.
    – Honourable Mention for Investor Expansions, Local transport, Workforce Amenities, FlexStart / fDi Magazine Global Free Economic Zone of the Year Awards 2019.
    – Bespoke Award for Investor Expansions, Investor Incentives, Economic Impact and Flexible Space / fDi Magazine Global Free Economic Zone of the Year Awards 2018.
    – 1st place for Quick Launch Award 2017 / fDi Magazine Global Free Zones of the Year 2017.
    – Commended for local cooperation at Global Free Economic Zone of the Year 2015.
    – 5th place for Best Facilities and 19th in overall ranking at the Global Free Economic Zones of the Year 2010 by fDi Magazine.

The Klaipėda Free Economic Zone is a community of modern companies implementing modern technologies and often conducting research as well as product and process design. Advanced solutions not only allow the companies of the Klaipėda FEZ to be competitive in the global markets, but also to contribute to more sustainable activities and convenience for employees.


A survey conducted in 2020 in the Klaipėda region showed that progress, innovation and modernity are some of the main factors that make communities value the Klaipėda FEZ.


We invite you to get acquainted with the solutions of the Klaipėda FEZ management company and companies operating here in the fields of green energy, sustainable mobility, digitisation, research and other areas related to innovations.

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