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Our services are aimed at creating better solutions for our community members, enabling them to grow faster. We aim to make Klaipeda FEZ the location of choice to work and do business at in the region. That’s why we go beyond business services to suit the lifestyles of your employees.

Fast Launch Services

Set Up Consultancy

Set Up Consultancy

We are a one-stop-shop for launching your operations in Klaipeda FEZ, and then easily accessing EU and Eurasian Customs markets from here. Our services include:

  • Business case and development project plan set up
  • Guidance through local requirements, procedures and schedules
  • Assistance in work and residential permits for key company employees
  • Connections with local partners, including HR, legal and tax advisors, logistics partners, and both EU and national support providers
  • Advice on real estate products and contractors
  • Assistance with technical information
  • Mediation with municipal and government institutions for building and other permits

Fully built infrastructure

Fully built infrastructure

Our sites have a pre-built and installed infrastructure which is ready to connect to your future facilities. Infrastructure on site includes:

  • Gas
  • Drainage
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Fire Department
  • Roads and bicycle paths
  • Lighting

Financial solutions

Financial solutions

We can work as your financial partners, or simply talk you through the various financing options available in Lithuania. Our services include:

  • Guidance on business grant support schemes, both EU and national
  • Financial partnership

Business Wellbeing Services

Services for community members

Services for community members

We care about providing facilities that look and feel top quality, but our commitment goes deeper than that. Most important to us is the wellbeing and successful growth of every one of the companies in our community. To ensure this, all our board members, shareholders and partners are top level professionals with the experience and expertise to ensure our members enjoy strong long-term development. We provide:

  • Maintenance, care and further improvement of the area
  • Mediation with government and municipal institutions
  • Mediation with private sector and public enterprises
  • Business community events

Facilities for employees

Facilities for employees

7.3 percent of Klaipedians work at Klaipeda FEZ, with even more employees commuting here from around the region. To attract highly skilled and motivated employees for our members, we make sure the working environment and facilities we offer are appealing, attractive and suitable for the most talented and ambitious staff. We provide:

  • On site customs operations [by AdRem LEZ]
  • Car share schemes [by CityBee]
  • Day care center [coming soon]
  • Health club: yoga & tai chi


In Klaipeda Business Park in partnership with BNTP:

  • Enter Cafe
  • Conference facilities
  • Football pitch
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court

It's easy as one two three. Thanks to Klaipeda FEZ team support, running a business here means I have more time to focus on my employees and production quality.

Viktorija Jureviciute
General Manager at Retal Baltic

We were one of the first companies to offer newly built commercial and industrial premises for lease in Lithuania. Based in Klaipeda FEZ, we work together to create a real sense of community here.

James Andrew Clarke
Investment Director at BSP Asset Management Klaipėda

Klaipeda FEZ offers the perfect combination of location, infrastructure, services, and know how. We applaud the Klaipeda FEZ team for their help and assistance setting up the necessary permits and paperwork and other services

Jacob Huibert Dane
CEO at Fabrication Focus Group

With its ready-to-use infrastructure and great location, we see many opportunities for developing our business in Klaipeda FEZ. That is why we are already in our third expansion at Klaipeda FEZ

Tomas Rauckis

Klaipeda FEZ team is a one stop shop in all stages of investment and expansion. Let’s appoint a visit, e-consulting or a call.

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