Dancer buses introduced at Busworld in Brussels All News

Vėjo Projektai, a company developing fully electric Dancer buses in the Klaipėda FEZ, introduced itself to the world last week […]

16 Oct 2023

Smart city trends: the data is in, it’s time to start using it All News

While a few years ago cities were looking to start collecting and organising data in general, now they are starting […]

15 Dec 2021
Smart City Expo Barcelona Klaipeda FEZ Karlas

Students from Baltic Gymnasium create solutions for companies at Klaipėda FEZ All News

Three companies operating in Klaipėda FEZ – UAB Gren Klaipėda, UAB NEO GROUP and UAB Vėjo Projektai, the creators of […]

20 Sep 2021

Community as a sustainability driver All News

Partnerships, strong communities, and togetherness are things that foster and fast track great sustainability initiatives. Such was the consensus by […]

18 Nov 2020

Klaipeda students discover engineering by exploring the possibilities of recycled plastics All News

Twelve students from the Klaipėda city Baltic Gymnasium’s engineering class concluded their one-year practical experience with PET and plastic producer […]

16 Jul 2020

Klaipeda to Hold the Blue Growth Leaders Academy All News

Klaipeda University, the maritime cluster coordinated by Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, and Klaipeda ID are inviting business professionals and […]

16 Jun 2020

Klaipeda’s Ambitions Target Smart Industry, IT, and Seaport Expansion All News

For a decade, Klaipeda has been the Sleeping Beauty of the major cities in Lithuania; however, the city can boast […]

29 Jan 2020

Dakar Rally as a Celebration of Teamwork, Trust and Partnership All News

For the third year in a row, Klaipeda FEZ waves goodbye and wishes good luck to team Agrorodeo Dakar with […]

02 Jan 2020

Klaipeda FEZ Team Worked On Joint Purchasing Platform at a Hackathon  All News

A team made from six different Klaipeda FEZ companies, called B4B Core, participated in the port technology hackathon Portathon Baltic, […]

25 Sep 2019

Similarities Between Success in Dakar and Business Explained All News

Teamwork and experience are two decisive factors for success in both the Dakar rally and business. Team Agrorodeo and the […]

15 Feb 2019

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