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Lavango Engineering opened plant extension building

02 Jun 2022

The new building of production plant of Lavango Engineering L started operating. It has extented the production facility area and today it‘s three times bigger, exceeding 3000 sq.m.

This is an important event for the company for at least two reasons: turnover is expected to increase two and a half times and reach 20 million euros. Secondly, this is another step not only towards modern but also sustainable production, which is important for Lavango Engineering LT – a responsible industrial company aware of global challenges.

Lavango Engineering LT has invested more than 2 million euros in the construction and installation of the new production building. The new investment, about 0.5 million euros – for the new laser dedicated for cutting pipes and profiles, characterized by extremely high accuracy and speed.

After completing the new building, Lavango Engineering LT redesigned its entire production process: from now on, preparations will continue in the first production plant building, while assembly, packaging and preparation for transportation will take place in the new building. Therefore, welding facilities were installed in the new premises and the welding workstations were expanded, special purpose chambers were installed for glazing works, a dedicated area for electrical installation, assembly and final product testing and quality control, packaging, storage and loading into road vehicles and sea containers.

The newly built premises were the reason for Lavango Engineering LT  to review the entire production process, so a new technological production project was prepared according to the LEAN methodology, which significantly contributed to the efficiency of production.

Lavango Engineering LT production spaces use only green energy. The smart indoor lighting system that saves energy resources also helps to implement the organisation’s sustainability policy.

Last year, Lavango Engineering LT increased its revenue by 124 percent up to 8.3 million euros. The company’s export markets then expanded. Lavango Engineering LT  expects to continue to grow this year, as company has overcome the main challenge of limited production capacity. Lavango Engineering LT products are highly valued in Europe and Asia – today they can be found in more than twenty foreign countries. Now Lavango Engineering LT are able to physically create even more, faster, more efficiently – there are no restrictions to expand into new markets.

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