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ROTEKSAS invests in Klaipėda FEZ, 100 jobs planned

20 Oct 2021

ROTEKSAS, a Lithuanian company that designs, manufactures and assembles industrial production lines, has leased two land plots with a total area of 3.2 hectares, and acquired manufacturing premises for bulky equipment in Klaipeda’s Free Economic Zone (FEZ). The company intends to implement an expansion project in the coming years, which will create 100 new jobs and invest in new equipment.

Thus far, the company has been operating in two production areas in the Klaipėda district near the FEZ – in Švepeliai and Daupariai towns. ROTEKSAS has so far managed about 4,000 square metres of production area. From now on, UAB Roteksas LEZ, which has acquired investor status in the FEZ, will implement production projects in an additional 5,000 sqm premises, creating 100 new jobs.

According to ROTEKSAS CEO Žygimantas Petronis, the decision to expand was dictated by rapid growth in recent years, and Klaipėda FEZ offered not only good conditions and infrastructure but also a modern manufacturing building, which suited the company’s needs almost perfectly.

“We have acquired a bulky equipment plant with large gates, powerful cranes and the infrastructure to match our needs, which will allow us to use our expertise to produce an impressive range of products, which can be easily shipped around the world via the nearby port. In the Klaipėda FEZ, we will be able to solve internal and external logistics issues very easily and quickly. We have already started work on the new plant and plan to create 100 new jobs, expand the capacity of the plant and invest in equipment over the coming years,” Ž. Petronis says.

Currently, a third of ROTEKSAS’s staff are specialists with an education in engineering – designers, craftsmen, project managers, procurement engineers and others. In addition, the manufacturing workshops are staffed by qualified welders, assemblers, locksmiths, fitters, adjusters and others. A similar employee profile is expected to be developed at the Klaipėda FEZ plant as well.

“Today’s main challenge is the doubled demand for personnel, training and integration. Due to the company’s exceptionally rapid growth and development, there is a lack of qualified staff, and so, we are constantly seeking motivated staff who are keen to improve. We are currently looking for project managers, design engineers, estimators, production accountants, process managers, craftsmen, welders, assemblers, calibrators, locksmiths, mechanics, warehouse staff, and other production and administrative staff,” the head of ROTEKSAS comments.

He also mentions that the company is confronted with commodity supply deadlines, which require constant analysis and prompt planning.

The head of Klaipėda FEZ Eimantas Kiudulas welcomes ROTEKSAS in joining the FEZ business community. According to him, thanks to favourable circumstances, Klaipėda FEZ was able to offer the new investor optimal manufacturing premises especially quickly.

“The speed of our client’s operations launch has always been a standout feature of Klaipėda FEZ. We are glad that ROTEKSAS could already begin the first real work in the newly acquired premises within just a little over a month from signing our contract. I am confident that the company will also successfully leverage the other advantages offered by our infrastructure and business community,” E. Kiudulas says.

Operating since 2007, the company specialises in industrial equipment, technological, engineering and manufacturing solutions out of stainless steel, plastic and standard equipment parts. ROTEKSAS does not reveal the investment drawn by the expansion due to confidentiality obligations.

Around 90% of ROTEKSAS’s turnover comprises exports to markets such as Norway, Japan, Switzerland, the USA, and the EU, Latin America, and Russia. In 2020, the company’s turnover reached 5.94 million euros, an increase of 58% over 2019.

Klaipėda FEZ is the longest operating and leading free economic zone in Lithuania. Forty-five companies operate across its 412-hectare territory with a combined turnover of 927 million euros in 2020 and exports of 478 million euros.

Since the launch of Klaipėda FEZ, 747 million euros have been invested in the zone, with most of this sum being a foreign direct investment. Over 100 companies and almost 6000 staff work across the territory. Klaipėda FEZ’s investors primarily specialise in PET, electrical transport and components, food industry, industrial equipment and other areas. Some of the FEZ’s companies perform manufacturing activities and develop intensive scientific, research, and innovation operations.

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