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Baltijos Avenue is Getting Reconstructed: Reaching the FEZ Will Be Even More Convenient

08 Sep 2020

The Klaipeda City Municipality announced that the reconstruction of the Baltijos avenue multi-level interchange, the main entryway into the city, begins in the middle of September. Even though the project will go on for more than two years, the employees and guests of the Klaipeda FEZ will get a new comfortable way to enter the FEZ territory in spring, after the Statybininkų avenue gets extended to the edge of the FEZ with a railway crossing included.

The Municipality informed that the process of building the estacade will first focus on updating and moving the already present underground infrastructure, like the heat and water supply, rain and domestic waste management pipes, and electronic communication networks. Towards this effort, the left side of the Baltijos avenue will be closed, with traffic redirected to the right side.

Drivers of the vehicles entering and leaving Klaipeda are asked to choose other routes whenever possible.

With that said, a new way to enter and leave the city will be established to ease the discomfort experienced by drivers. This year, the Municipality signed a contract for the creation of a temporary way to enter the city, which will be established through the Lypkių street, by creating a railway crossing.

According to the contract, a newly created street will extend Statybininkų avenue to the crossing of Kretainio and Lypkių streets, which can be found in the Klaipeda FEZ. As the project develops, a two-way street will be built, including lighting and a bicycle/pedestrian lane.

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