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E-commerce Company Launches Distribution Operations at Klaipeda FEZ

27 Aug 2019, a Lithuanian e-commerce company specializing in furniture, launched its distribution center and an administrative facility in Klaipeda’s FEZ FlexStart building. It is launching its warehousing and distribution operations in just three days after signing a contract. is a Lithuanian-owned furniture retailer operating in 10 European countries under brands such as, Furniture1, Berry and others. It has chosen Klaipeda FEZ over its older Klaipeda facility to accommodate growth as well as to improve the experience for its employees, customers and partners. has rented 1000 sq m warehousing facility and an 82 sq m office for up to 10 employees.

The company has signed a contract on Friday and started operating on Monday as the warehousing facility was ready to accommodate a business instantly. Klaipeda FEZ team will furnish and equip the office space in around a month.

Pijus Makarevicius, the founder and the manager of, says that the new distribution center at Klaipeda FEZ will also serve customers from Telsiai and Taurage regions.

“We chose Klaipeda FEZ because of the professionalism of its management company, convenient location, and well-developed infrastructure. Our new modern premises will allow us to develop new goods sorting technologies that will add efficiency to the whole logistics process. We will further develop new logistics terminals closer to our customers to become the leading furniture e-tailer in Lithuania and 10 other European markets,” says P. Makarevicius. He also admits the company is eyeing expansion in several new markets next year.

Vaidas Velykis, the business development manager of Klaipeda FEZ, says that though numerous logistics and transport companies operate in the zone, is unique by being a distribution center of a sole B2C retailer, let alone being an e-commerce company.

“Klaipeda FEZ is a great spot from the logistics point of view for companies catering to Western Lithuania’s region: we are close both to the main transport arteries and the city. Also, we can offer representative premises and flexible rent conditions,” says V. Velykis. completes the first FlexStart as the last major tenant – only 85 sq. m administrative area is remaining here. FlexStart is an award-winning flexible building that allows launching manufacturing, warehousing or retail operations in less than 3 months.

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