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New business service at Klaipeda Fez: all export procedures can now be conducted on site

04 May 2018

Representatives of Klaipeda territorial customs today confirmed that AD REM, a company located in the territory of Klaipeda FEZ, is now licensed to conduct export procedures. This means that from now on companies operating from Klaipeda FEZ will no longer need to have their exports processed through the Klaipeda territorial customs cargo office.

“Until now all goods for export had to be processed through the Customs cargo post or Seaport posts. From now on all export procedures can be done within the territory of Klaipeda FEZ,“– explained Tomas Rauckis, Director of AD REM LEZ.

According to Klaipeda FEZ service project manager, Sandra Slepaite, this will deliver real time and therefore, cost saving benefits to companies in the FEZ, as everything can now be done on site. It will also provide the added benefit of cutting transportation costs, as goods can now be exported directly from the FEZ.

Having successfully passed through due diligence performed by Klaipeda territorial customs office, AD REM LEZ has been confirmed as a reliable executor of customs procedures.

Companies within Klaipeda FEZ who would like to use this service of AD REM LEZ can apply by phone on +370 46 314130 or in writing to Pramones st. 10, Klaipeda.

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