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Similarities Between Success in Dakar and Business Explained

15 Feb 2019

Teamwork and experience are two decisive factors for success in both the Dakar rally and business. Team Agrorodeo and the Klaipeda FEZ community, which the racers visited soon after claiming their personal record 12th place at the unforgiving South American dunes, agreed to this statement unanimously.

Agrorodeo’s racers, Vaidotas Žala and Saulius Jurgelėnas, shared their experiences and memorable moments from their fourth successive Dakar rally. They also suggested that the team is strongly considering taking part in the prestigious race next year.

“This year was the first when Dakar rally covered only one country. Yet, Peru’s track was probably the most impressive we have ever seen: giant dunes, a broad variety of track surfaces, tricky sands, and unpredictable dune configurations. It seemed we were actually driving in many different countries, if not continents,” said V. Žala.

Both drivers suggested that speed alone is not sufficient to win, so their impressive 12th place was also earned with teamwork and experience. This was already their fourth Dakar attempt.

“It’s not only about speed but experience, teamwork, and well-calculated risk. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most successful Dakar racers are usually older than 30. I think the formula for success at Dakar is finding the right balance between brutal speed and healthy risk. We all drive there in uncertainty, and dangers can lie behind every dune and every twist,” stated Žala.

The team is hoping to take part in the Dakar rally next year. So far, the location is not known, but it should again take place in South America, spanning three countries instead of one.

V. Žala and S. Jurgelėnas visited the Klaipeda FEZ community for the second year in a row. Klaipeda FEZ is a sponsor of the Agrorodeo team. The free economic zone shares similar values to the team. Both are speed-oriented, yet have teamwork and experience as essential cornerstones of their success.

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