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The Klaipėda FEZ increased its turnover and exports in 2012

16 May 2013

In 2012, the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) successfully carried out its activities, having contributed to the Lithuanian economy, particularly – to the growth of exports. The turnover of the FEZ companies reached LTL 3.04 billion and the exports exceeded LTL 2.43 billion, which accounts for nearly 5 percent of the total Lithuanian exports.

In 2012, there were 17 companies operating in the Zone, with 6 more engaged in construction and design work. Nearly 1.5 thousand employees were working in the Zone’s companies. The Lithuanian enterprises that have received orders from the FEZ companies have additionally created nearly 800 new jobs.

In 2012, The Klaipeda FEZ companies invested LTL 113 million and acquired goods and services from other Lithuanian companies for the sum of LTL 784 million. From the inception of the Klaipeda FEZ activities in 2002, LTL 1.7 billion of investment has been attracted to the Zone and products valued at LTL 16 billion have been manufactured there. The value of the products exported has reached LTL 12.5 billion and taxes amounting to nearly LTL 400 million have been paid to the state.

Last year, the state received 38.8 million in taxes from the FEZ companies, which was 10 million more than the taxes received in 2011. The FEZ companies were granted tax advantages for the amount of LTL 7.9 million.

Last year saw an increase in investors’ interest in the opportunities offered by the FEZ – over 70 potential customers from the USA, Norway, Germany, China, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Lithuania were attracted.

In 2012, the FEZ company UAB Heidelberg Cement Klaipeda launched production, UAB Fortum Klaipeda completed the construction of a new combined heat and power plant, and UAB Vesvela started building a fish processing factory.

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