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Highly skilled talent pool

Klaipeda region has the right kind of talent to help your business grow.

It’s simple. Klaipeda has the talent and the knowledge to make it happen:

  • We are a city of the young & the talented – 45% of our population is below 40 years old.
  • A labour pool of 160,100 with at least 15,000 annual pipeline of university and college graduates.
  • Nearly 20% of the working population employed in manufacturing, 13% in transport & logistics.

The right knowledge. Klaipeda’s higher education institutions specialize in maritime, mechanical engineering, metal processing, logistics, food technologies and international business education.

Low saturation. Foreign companies are the most desirable employers in Lithuania, but the ratio of jobs created by foreign companies in Klaipeda is still X per 1000 employees. This means the employment market is years away from saturation.

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