Electric vehicles & automotive components

UK found company Albright Lietuva have opened their second international plant to serve their European market with electric switches and contactors for automotive industry in 2008.

In recent years the electric vehicles & component have been growing pretty fast in Klaipeda FEZ with the development of electric bus by Dancer Bus and newly joined German member Baltijos Eukutecas, which is the major supplier of electric wire system to Dancer Bus.

We are launching the world's lightest e-bus. Created, engineered by Klaipeda talent and assembled at Klaipeda FEZ. A fantastic product made in a superior location.

Alvydas Naujekas

We were attracted by the excellent infrastructure and roads suitable for heavy transport, plus the incredibly attractive environment which creates just the right impression for our business guests.

Ina Vaicekauskiene

Our determined and qualified workforce has no trouble meeting both Albright's and our customers high standards.

Ramunas Barcevicius


Key industry highlights within Klaipeda FEZ:

  • Operations & products: R&D, product [electric bus] development and design, electric wiring system development and assembly, battery disconnecting switches, D.C. contactors, industrial sewing, upholstery and assembly for vehicle interiors, vehicle components testing and EU certifications.
  • Major export markets: Germany, France, Denmark, China, Japan, UK, Netherlands and other Western EU countries.
  • Annual turnover of FEZ based industry companies, 2022: 32M Eur
  • Export value, 2022: more than 31M Eur