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Klaipeda FEZ members meet with The Lithuanian National Employment Agency to discuss the development and expansion of the country’s labour pool

18 Dec 2018

Having access to top-quality talent is high on the priority list for all the companies that are part of Klaipeda Free Economic Zone’s growing community. So, it should come as no surprise that this subject was the key focus of recent discussions held between the Klaipeda FEZ community and the Lithuanian National Employment Agency.

Top of the list of topics for discussion were the recent amendments made to legislation that makes it easier for businesses to hire non-Lithuanian citizens. Under this new legislation, enacted in 2017, a non-Lithuanian will no longer require a work permit to enter and work in the country if their job has been listed by the National Employment Agency as in demand.

As Ms Regina Suliakiene, Chief Officer of the Klaipeda Office of National Employment Office explains:

“From 2017, when the change in legislation came into force, non-Lithuanian citizens are exempted from an obligation to acquire work permit as long as their occupation is listed in the register of high-demand occupations, which is issued by the National Employment Agency twice a year.”

This will allow companies to widen their nets when it comes to recruitment and make it easier for them to find the right kind of professional, especially in areas where specialised skills are at a premium.

This, however, is not the only regulatory change that has been made to help companies recruit from outside Lithuania. The new Start-Up Visa has also been designed to fast-track professionals from in-demand sectors and jobs into the Lithuanian labour market.

And these changes will definitely help deliver the right talent to Klaipeda FEZ, which is very much at the forefront of the growing job market in Klaipeda. Indeed, Ms Regina Suliakiene singled out the FEZ as being a major driver when it comes to the expansion of the scope of the job market in Klaipeda:

“The Job market in Klaipeda is definitely growing, to a great extent because of Klaipeda FEZ and the variety of industries operating there: plastics, food and metal processing, automotive, logistics, logistics and packaging. Occupation-wise, in the future there is going to be a high demand for cargo truck drivers, shipbuilding industry workers, wielders, metal construction building workers, electricians, mechanic technicians, construction workers, engineers, biochemists. These new regulations will help companies to find the people they need.”

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