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Klaipeda FEZ – the Main Plastics Hub in the Baltics

15 Jan 2020

While companies from various industries operate in our zone; including, but not limited to electronic components, automotive, metal processing, and light manufacturers, the Klaipeda FEZ has a very strong presence in the plastics and PET industry. In fact, more than 71% of our total turnover (more than 890M EUR) is attributed to just five plastics companies. Two of them are among the leading players in Europe.

At the same time, these five companies employ only 18% of the total employees in our zone, representing strong efficiency and high added value. This doesn’t come as a surprise as most of our plastics companies invest heavily in R&D and process optimization.

There are several reasons why the plastics industry grew so much in the Klaipeda FEZ. Obviously, the location makes perfect sense as the nearby Port of Klaipeda is of major value for both importing raw materials and exporting the end product.

However, as the companies have been seeking efficiency and innovation, Klaipeda’s labor pool, historically specializing in manufacturing and research, as well as the local academic community, provided our companies with highly skilled professionals who passionately seek new discoveries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our companies from the plastics industry undergo massive investment projects in both production capacity, R&D, and sustainability nearly every year.

For these reasons, we have prepared a quick overview of our plastics companies – please download your copy now.

In the paper, we offer you to have a closer look at our plastics ecosystem and its members. Here, you will meet NEO GROUP, our largest plastics company which in fact is the 6th largest in Lithuania in terms of revenue. NEO GROUP’s PET granule plant has even become the biggest in Europe after completing its third manufacturing line in 2019, however, the company is equally committed to R&D and innovation with Horizon 2020 projects such as Demeto and Symbioptima being carried out in Klaipeda.

You will also meet Retal, a major HDPE cap and APET film manufacturer. The company increased its revenue by 35% in 2018 and keeps investing in manufacturing capacity and supply chain optimization. At the same time, RETAL is seeking innovation in recycled sources, tethered caps and the circular economy.

Orion Global PET, a member of the Indorama Ventures family, is also a key player in Klaipeda’s plastics ecosystem with 288M EUR in revenue and investments into sustainable operations. The company is running a chemical recycling experiment in its Netherlands plant and this research should be carried out in Klaipeda in the next few years.

You will also meet Pack Klaipeda and Ani Plast, our two smaller, but equally important plastics ecosystem members. While the recent years have been turbulent in terms of the regulatory environment for Pack Klaipeda, the maker of plastic food packaging containers, the company looks for new opportunities in areas such as the automotive industry and insulation solutions.

So we kindly invite you to explore our plastics community and get in touch with us for more information, introductions and real stories.

Get your copy now.

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